Proceedings of the XXIII International Conference “Theoretical and clinical aspects of application of bioresonance and multiresonance therapy” (2017)


Articular syndrome and possibilities of its correction with BRT
Khachumova K.G. (Medical center «Life force», Moscow, Russia) ... 4

The course of ankylosing spondylitis and possibilities of BRT
Khachumova K.G., Vorontsova L.N.
(Medical center «Life force», CCH ą4, Moscow, Russia) ... 10

Experience of bioresonance and multiresonance therapy in treatment of patients with atrophy of optic nerve
Tarakanovskiy A.V., Malinovskaya T.A., Ivanov A.N.
(«Moscow Helmholtz Research Institute of Eye Diseases», Moscow, Russia) ... 15

Bioresonance therapy in treatment of optic nerve atrophy in patients resistant to intracutaneous electro stimulation
Borisova T.V.1, Egorov V.V.1,2, Smoliakova G.P.1, Gokhua T.I.1
(1Khabarovsk branch «MNTK «S.N. Fyodorov Eye microsurgery»,
2«Healthcare specialist retraining institute», Khabarovsk, Russia) ... 18

Modern method for revealing consumption of narcotic substances
Atamaykina O.V., Atamaykin D.V.
(Republican narcological dispensary, Saransk, Russia) ... 22

Application of EVRT for revealing consumption of narcotic substances among enrollees to Ryazan branch of Moscow university of MIA named after V.Ya. Kikot
Yurina V.V.
(CPD MSD MIA in Ryazan region, Russia) ... 24

Revealing persons consuming narcotic substances with vegetative resonance test and polygraph examination
Shtengauer S.E.
(DIA Arkhangelsk region MIA, Arkhangelsk, Russia) ... 27

Research of Polyoxidonium action on immune parameters of blood in cases of infectious bile peritonitis with immunologic methods and modified VRT «IMEDISTEST+»
Rogoviy Yu.E., Arkhipova L.G., Muravieva I.L., Belookiy A.V., Belookiy V.V.
Department of pathological physiology Bukovinsk state medical university,
(Regional clinical hospital, Chernovtsy, Ukraine;
Center «IMEDIS», Moscow, Russia) ... 29

Efficiency of VRT in determination pathogenesis of destructive changes in spinal column
E.V.Bozhko, A.K.Nazarov, O.P.Cherednichenko
(A.Nazarov Medical Center «ANIK», Tashkent, Uzbekistan) ... 34

Possible approach to the rehabilitation of reproductive organs and comprehensive approach to the treatment of infertility of complex genesis
Sibireva I.I.
(«Teyda» clinic, Ivanovo, Russia) ... 37

Therapy of children and adults with impairment of the function of the equilibriumauditory nerve using methods of bioresonance therapy and vegetative resonance test
Vasilkovskaya O.V.1, Mkhitaryan K.N.2
(1Clinic «Vitamed plus», Gabrovo, Bulgaria,
2Center «IMEDIS», Moscow, Russia) ... 39

The role of bioresonance therapy in treatment of oncological pathology
Chepurnaya S.L.
(«INTERMED» Ltd., GornoAltaysk, Russia) ... 50

VRT in screening of prostate cancer
Atushev G.P., Skvarnik V.V.
(Pacific state medical university, Medical clinic «DVdiagnostic», Vladivostok, Russia) ... 52

Peculiarities of the elemental composition of the hair of people who received various types of alternative therapy, among patients of Center «Amrita»
Ozhigova T.V., Lemesh O.L., Baranovskaya N.V., Yurkina E.E.,
Mkhitaryan K.N., Narkovitch D.V.
(Center of alternative medicne “Amrita”, Tomsk, Russia) ... 59

Effect of various forms of informational preparations on development of tumor process in experiment
Kudaev A.E.1, Khodareva N.K.1,2, Barsukova L.P.1
(1MCIT «Artemida»,
2«LRC ą1», Rostov-on-Don, Russia) ... 67

Bioresonance therapy in treatment of chronic pyelonephritis in clinical conditions
Gustomesova V.I., Gustomesova E.N., Tarasova I.Yu., Bala A.Yu., Kuchkovskaya T.P.
(VRCH ą1, N.N.Burdenko VSMA, Voronezh, Russia) ... 71

The role of EpsteinBarr virus in disturbance of reproduction function in women of childbearing age and its correction with bioresonance therapy
Dostanko N.Yu.1, Dostanko E.G.2, Dostanko V.Yu.2
(1Belarus State Medical University,
2Center of resonance medicine «INFOMED», Minsk, Belarus) ... 73

Characteristics of spectrum of pathogenic microorganisms detected in patients with inflammatory arthropathies
Dostanko N.Yu.1, Dostanko E.G.2, Dostanko V.Yu.2 (1Belarus State Medical University,
2Center of resonance medicine «INFOMED», Minsk, Belarus) ... 76

Model of external regulation of bone tissue remodeling in workers of different industries
Kudasheva A.R.
(Bashkir State Medical University, Ufa, Russia) ... 80

Experience in applying complementary medicine methods in correcting reproductive disorders in men – workers in harmful occupations
Teregulov B.F., Teregulova Z.S.
(Bashkir State Medical University, Center «Endoecological medicine», Ufa, Russia) ... 83

Measuring and verifying support of human and animal homeostasis with energetically changed plants using wamena®
Leopold C., Kempe N.
(IBBU, Lieboch, Austria) ... 85

The study of the influence of geroprotector «Lerus Arctic +» on cell cultures and human organism
V.V.Zuganov1, T.V.Fenutina2, M.V.Chizh2, O.A.Lopatina3
(1Institute of Developmental Biology RAS,
2Center «IMEDIS»,
3D.I.Ivanovskiy Institute of Virology MH RF, Moscow, Russia) ... 93


Statistical data of application of bioresonance therapy in medical practice
L.B. Kosareva, S.I. Fedorenko
(Center «IMEDIS», Moscow, Russia) ... 98

Appliacation of «IMEDIS» equipment in therapy of rare and complicated diseases
(Institute of theoretical and experimental biophysics RAS, Puschino, Russia ) ... 100

Application of bioresonance therapy in activation of Tlymphocytes by interleukins
(«INTERMED» Ltd., GornoAltaysk, Russia) ... 105

The role of nutrition in disturbances of acidalkaline balance in organism and methods for its correction
L.D.Tolstykh, E.D.Lykova, E.A.Igoshina, O.N.Tkachenko,S.V.Artemenko
(Center of bioresonance therapy «ElitMed», Krasnodar, Russia) ... 108

Antimiasmatic therapy of neurological diseases of maxillofacial region
(«Stavropol state medical university», Stavropol, Russia) ... 111

Microbiology a view through the prism of bioresonance therapy
(Vladivostok, Russia) ... 113

Application of exogenous and endogenous bioresonance therapy in treatment of patients with neurologic pathology
(Krasnodar city clinical hospital for emergency medical care, Krasnodar, Russia) ... 116

A case from clinical practice
MD. Anvarul Azim
(«Doctor Azim» Ltd., Moscow, Russia) ... 121

Everyday «exotics»
Yu.N.Orlov(Rostov-on-Don, Russia) ... 123

Advantages of colortherapy
Yu.N.Orlov1, D.G.Bocharov2
2Center «IMEDIS», Moscow, Russia) ... 125

Certain aspects of vegetative resonance test «IMEDISTEST» for revealing persons consuming narcotic and psychoactive substances
(Moscow, Russia) ... 130

Experience of therapy of chronic viral hepatitis B (a case from practice)
(Medical center «Avena», Saratov, Russia) ... 131

The complex approach in the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis (a case from practice)
O.V.Vasilkovskaya, O.V.Krstev
(Medical center «Vitamedplus», Gabrovo, Bulgaria) ... 133

Complex application of bioresonance therapy, Rostock essences and IBBU informational preparations
V.M.Taneva, N.Wolgemuth
(«Formula Zdoroviya» Ltd., Burgas, Bulgaria;
Therapy center «Rostock Essences»,Graz, Austria) ... 136

Application of resonancefrequency programs for leptospirosis in therapy of diseases of unclear etiology
S.N.Guseynov, T.S.Guseynov
(Medical center «Edelweis», Krasnogorsk, Russia) ... 141

Experience of treating patients and their pets from same invasions using HSC «IMEDIS» (a case from practice )
E.G.Ovchinnikova, N.N.Shperling
(Bioresonance office «IMEDIS», Tubiuk, Chelyabinsk region, Russia) ... 145

Water and bioresonance therapy (practical experience)
E.G.Ovchinnikova, N.N.Shperling
(Bioresonance office «IMEDIS», Tubiuk, Chelyabinsk region, Russia) ... 146

Application of bioresonance therapy in treatment of alcoholic dependency
(«MCIT «MEDAKS», Tobolsk, Russia) ... 147

Results of homeopathic and needle accupuncture therapy of diseases accompanying epilepsy
(Moscow Homeopathic Center;
Department of homeopathy and electropuncture, RI FMBA, Moscow, Russia) ... 149

Clinical case of relaxation
(IMC Clinic, Yokohama, Japan) ... 151


Systemphysiological terms of informational medicine and conception of controlling signal
K.N.Mkhitaryan, T.V.Akaeva, I.A.Bobrov, P.D.Bizyaev, M.Yu.Gotovskiy
(Center «IMEDIS»,
SSC RF Institute of biomedical problems RAS, Moscow, Russia) ... 154

Evolution of medicamental testing
(Center «IMEDIS», Moscow, Russia) ... 163

Area for use of traditional medicine methods in frame of modern model for protection of public health in Russian Federation
(N.A.Semashko SRI of Public Health, Moscow, Russia) ... 165

Antimiasmatic therapy of chronic diseases
I.V.Fadeev, E.N.Berezina
(MC «BIOVOLL», Voronezh, Russia) ... 167

Homeopathy in practice of neurologist. Asthenic syndrome
(«Herpetic center» Ltd., Moscow, Russia) ... 172

Vegetative resonance test and new potential of classic homeopathy
L.D.Tolstykh, I.Yu.Shumilova
(Center of bioresonance therapy «ElitMed», Krasnodar, Russia) ... 176

The use of peptides in VRT and BRT
O.A.Postnikova, E.V.Postnikova
(Department of homeopathy and electropuncture RI FMBA, Moscow, Russia) ... 179

The use of tests for metabolism in VRT diagnostics and BRT
O.A.Postnikova, E.V.Postnikova
(Department of homeopathy and electropuncture RI FMBA, Moscow, Russia) ... 181

Reticuloendothelial system as an indicator of human health
(Firma «Matisons» SIA, ă. Riga, Latvia) ... 183

The role of acoustic oscillations and especially their electronic copies in formation of optimal homeostasis
N.Kempe (IBBU, Lieboch, Austria) ... 186

Relations of memory and emotions. Inversion of bioresonance signal
(«Center LRB», Moscow, Russia) ... 194

Fourpole regulation of all functional systems in organism
(Freiburg, Germany) ... 196

Interrelation of pathology in vertebras and disturbed body functions
(Center for intensive health rehabilitation «SCENARplus», Rostov-on-Don, Russia) ... 203

Acute and chronic forms of pancreatitis and its effective treatment with BRT
(Medical center «Ledum», Krasnodar, Russia) ... 208

Vital hepatitis C: clinical data, diagnostics and complex bioresonance therapy
(Medical center «Ledum», Krasnodar, Russia) ... 213

Progressive therapy of chronic prostatitis
(Medical center «Ledum», Krasnodar, Russia) ... 218

Autoimmune diseases and pathogenes
A.V.Makarevich, V.V.Vlasiuk
(«Center of resonance medicine «INFOMED», Minsk, Belarus) ... 222


Efficiency of electropunctural therapy with «MINI-EXPERT-DT» apparatus as technology for facilitation of anesthesiology for coronary angiography
(«SPSCH FPS of Voronezh region», Voronezh, Russia) ... 226

Possibilities of equipment for «IMEDISTEST» in neurosis clinic
(Kaliningrad, Russia) ... 232

Application of homeopathy and bioresonance therapy in dental practice
V.O.Rybko (Kursk, Russia) ... 239

Experience of treatment of brain tumor
T.G.Fisun (Krasnodar, Russia) ... 245

Influence of the gastrin system on inflammatory and allergic processes
V.N.Pastukhov, N.A.Pastukhova
(«Formula zdoroviya» Ltd., Yekaterinburg, Russia) ... 251

Accumulation of metals in the organism
(«Formula zdoroviya» Ltd., Yekaterinburg, Russia) ... 255

Mechanisms of antiage effects of music therapy according to mesoforte technology
(SRC of music therapy and rehabilitation technologies, Moscow, Russia;
European academy of music therapy, Bulgaria) ... 259

Peculiarities of subjective sensations of the auditory system «feedback» and music therapy «Musical energetic key»
A.B.Kiriluk (Moscow, Russia) ... 261

Objective data for improving therapy of difficult patients
E.A.Besembayev1,2, B.E.Kenenbaeva2, S.S.Abildinova2
(1«BioTestOptima» Ltd.,
2Pavlodar branch of medical university, Semey, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan) ... 268

Life in joy. A view on the problem from position of epigenetics and VRT
(Vorkuta, Russia) ... 273

Statistical data on application of modified vegetative resonance test «IMEDIS-TEST+» (results of work from May 2003 till February 2017)
(Vorkuta, Russia) ... 281

About synchronization with time and primacy of information
(Medical center «VegaPlus», Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan) ... 286

Complex application of physical factors and multiresonance therapy in treatment of reactive arthritis
A.S.Kiriyak, Yu.F.Kiriyak
(Moscow, Russia) ... 293

Organspecific homeopathic preparations in treatment of malignant tumors
V.I.Reshetilov1, M.V.Vlasenko1, O.A.Vorobieva2
(1Budapest, Hungary;
2Zaporozhye, Ukraine) ... 294

Treatment of chronic pathology with Bach flower essences
V.N.Smyshnikov (Moscow, Russia) ... 297

Biorhytmology in homeopathy and life
(Center «IMEDIS», Moscow, Russia) ... 308

Szondi test – Wonderful meridians. VRT version. New approach to recording of homeopathic preparations
I.A.Bobrov, P.D.Bizyaev, K.N.Mkhitaryan
(Moscow, Russia) ... 312

Bioresonance action of insulin SEF in bull cattle breeding for meat
A.G.Avakova, V.V.Skobelev
( «Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary Medicine »,Vitebsk, Belarus) ... 316

Experimental application of electropuncture in veterinary practice
I.Yu.Semenov, A.A.Sinichkina, L.V.Kuparev
(Veterinary clinic «Epona», Moscow, Russia) ... 323

Experience of applying phenomena of informational transfer in viticulture by creation of transfer preparations of biologically active substances for increasing productivity
N.V.Matuzok, L.P.Troshin, E.A.Olkhovatov
(«I.T.Trubilin Kuban state agrarian university», Krasnodar, Russia) ... 328

To the question of mechanism of transfer and transformation of wave emission
M.M.Shraibman, K.L.Levkov (Israel) ... 333

New approach to creation of optical matrix of image for preparation of homeopathic preparations
(Moscow, Russia) ... 336

Bioinformational approach to evaluation and regulation of psychomotoric functions in the process of training performing modules of motoric action in condition of amphotonia
(«Sport club Classic OD», Moscow, Russia) ... 341

The use of vegetative resonance test during psychocorrection of oncological patients
(AlmaAta, Kazakhstan) ... 345

Opportunities for acupuncture correction of arterial hypertension basing on meridianal energetic data according to Nakatani methodics
E.E.Molchanova1, I.A.Kravets2
(1Amur state medical academy,
2Therapy diagnos tic center «Spektr», Blagoveshchensk, Russia) ... 349

Bioresonance therapy in treatment of adenoids
A.F.Dolgushina, F.N.Dolgushin
(«MCIT «Medaks», Tyumen, Russia ) ... 355

Application of frequencywave therapy with planar coil
A.E.Kudaev1, N.K.Khodareva1,2, V.V.Vinokurov 1, L.P.Barsukova1
2«LRC ą1», RostovonDon, Russia) ... 357

Evaluation of effciency of informational and native ayurvedic preparations in treatment of inflammatory process in experiment with «ArtemidaPro»
S.V.Kruglova1, A.E.Kudaev1, N.K.Khodareva1,2, L.P.Barsukova1 (1MCIT«Artemida»,
2«LRC ą1», Rostov-on-Don, Russia) ... 359

The role of electronic medicines in diagnostics and therapy of fatty hepatosis and metabolic syndrome
(Tashkent, Uzbekistan) ... 363

New possibilities for determination of causes and treatment of skin deseases using methods of quant control develepped by Center «Medicine of Future»
O.V.Bessarabov, E.V.Pisareva, T.F.Kovtun, V.E.Avseenko
(Treatment and diagnostic center «Medicine of Future», Kaliningrad, Russia) ... 370

Suggestion how to evaluate vector of sexual direction of interiors by author methodics of interiortherapy® using equipment of Center «IMEDIS»
A.V.Shornikov, E.N.Shornikova
(«KITTInteriorS» Ltd., Moscow, Russia) ... 378

Experience of use of inkjet printer for preparation of correcting energyinformational images
A.V.Shornikov, E.N.Shornikova
(«KITTInteriorS» Ltd., Moscow, Russia) ... 381

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