ElectroAcupunctural Diagnostic by method of Reinhold Voll.

Electroacupunctural diagnostic by method of R.Voll (EAV) is the most wide spreaded method of electropunctural diagnostic .

Method of R.Voll - is a diagnostic method based on correlation between electroconductive qualities of measuring points by R.Voll and functional condition of the related organs and systems.

The birth of this method is dated 1953 when R.Voll in cooperation with engeenier F.Verner, started development of new methods of electropunctural diagnostic and therapy.

During more then 40 years experience of clinical practice of EAV R.Voll and his followers stated following abilities of these method:

  • EAV allows, due to revealed information-functionalinterconnections of BAP and BAZ of skin with internal organs and tissue systems, to determine their functional condition, perform functional and topic diagnostic;
  • using EAV it's possible to decode unclear, clinically difficult cases, perform differential and synthetic diagnostics;
  • EAV allows early diagnostic of different prepathological disturbances in organs and systems related with BAP at preclinical stage of disease development when it's symproms are not expressed or absent;
  • EAV allows to reveal hidden or latent infectional foci and determine their influence on immune reactivity of the human organism;
  • thanks to discovered by R.Voll in 1954 phenomenon of "medicamental testing", testing different bacterial, viral and other infectional antigens there's an ability to determine etiological factors of certain disease;
  • EAV allows individual selection of homeopathic, isopathic, and allopathic remedies without their introduction into human body, e.g. remotely, as well as test food, cosmetics, dental and orthopedic materials, etc.;
  • EAV allows to reveal negative influence of different pathogenic agent, pesticides, herbicides, nitrates, radionucleids, etc., which can not be objectivised by current clinic-laboratory investigation methods;
  • EAV allows to control the efficiency of any treatment;
  • Methodic recommendation of the Ministry of Health Care of the Russian Federation М98/232 "Abilities of computerized electropunctural diagnostic by R.Voll in therapy with reflex therapy methods and homeopathy" are the official guidance for clinical application of this method.

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