Center of intellectual medical systems IMEDIS – is the collective, consisting of employees of Moscow Power Engineering Institute and physicians of different specialties. Center IMEDIS has more then 15 years experience in development of devices, software and medical methods in the field of energy-information medicine, uniting abilities of modern computer technique and latest scientific researches of the end of XX century. Energy-information medicine is based on conception of integrity of human organism, e.g. necessity to consider interconnections between its organs and systems. Processes of energy- information interchange are the base in functioning of the organism. Organism is considered as complex selforganizing structure, having everything necessary for keeping its homeostathis. Essence of energy-information medicine is in activation of natural mechanisms, directed onto restoring and maintenance of healthy condition.

  1. Realization of early diagnostic of different prepathological disturbances at pre clinical stage of disease development when its symptoms are not expressed or absent. These give an ability to reveal preclinical forms of diseases and, when necessary, continue investigation with other methods. Further development of this direction leads to creation of new approach to development and implementation of prophylactic dispensary tasks.
  2. Revealing wide range of pathologies in organs and systems using syndromic, nosologic and topic approach. Use of equipment in clinics, hospitals as well as in mobile diagnostic, medical-prophylactic and rehabilitation offices allows significant extension of diagnostic and curative abilities of these institutions especially in cases of unclear, hard to diagnose diseases including professional diseases.
  3. Perform individual selection of homeopathic, isopathic and allopathic remedies without their introduction into human organism, e.g. remotely, and optimize methods of therapy. Perform control over efficiency of any treatment, evaluate its adequacy and applicability.
  4. Long term experience of work of Center "IMEDIS", practitioners and multiprofile hospitals in use of bioresonance and multiresonance therapy shows that treatment of certain nosologic forms is 3 - 4 times cheaper than with ordinary means, especially in cases when traditional medicinal means are not effective or not applicable.
  5. Use of equipment produced by Center "IMEDIS" allows to evaluate biological age and adaptation reserves of humans, including those belonging to high risk groups, even during their professional activity.
  6. Built-in adaptation programs allow better mastering of professional skills and elimination of stresses in conditions of increased stress, facilitate quicker restoration of workability, accelerating rehabilitation process. These programs allow to influence psychological ability of person for execution of professional tasks.
  7. Developed by Center "IMEDIS" methodics allow to reveal and evaluate influence onto a human of different unfavorable means and factors (ecological, chemical, and physical) and significantly eliminate their influence.
  8. The mobility of the equipment produced by Center "IMEDIS", allows their use in field conditions without any modification. Networking allows information exchange with remote medical centers for information processing and decision making.
  • Individualization of therapy for each particular patient.
  • Treatment under permanent control by electropunctural diagnostics by R.Voll (EAV) and vegetative resonance test (VRT) “IMEDIS-TEST” methods, allowing to trace dynamics of cure objectively and make adequate correction of therapy.
  • Realization of quick, non-invasive functional diagnostics, revealing internal interconnections between diseases of organs and systems of organism.
  • Rise of efficiency in treatment of hard and neglected diseases due to influence onto main cause of illness.
  • Complexness of influence onto a patient due to usage of both internal resources of patient (bioresonance therapy) and external for organism types of therapy such as electro-, laser-, magnet-, color therapy (multiresonance therapy, MRT ).
  • Increase of nonspecific resistance of organism to influence of pathogenic factors: infectional, physical, chemical.
  • Treatment of wide range of diseases.
  • No side or negative effects, when used correctly.
  • Easy in training and use.
  • Equipment is compact, allowing treatment both in stationary and ambulance conditions.
  • Medical equipment produced by center IMEDIS is permitted by Ministry of Health Care of Russian Federation for medical practice and recommended for production.
Our equipment allows to:
  • take out from organism stored exo- and endotoxins;
  • determine side effects of remedies and reduce them;
  • realize treatment of allergy by preparation of “antiallergens”;
  • realize treatment of alcoholic and tobacco dependence;
  • store information of electromagnetic oscillations of patient’s organism on different carriers;
  • prepare homeopathic remedies, nosodes (sterilized, potencized, infection agents and tissues of affected organs and systems) and organopreparations (potecized preparations from organs and tissues of healthy animals), working selectively on a particular organ or meridian interesting to physician;
  • perform electropuncture therapy with possibility to modulate frequency, wave form, amplitude and polarity of electric pulses;
  • connect devices for realization of laserpuncture, magnet, IR, and color therapy.

Long researches of center IMEDIS in the field of energy-informative transfer and recording lead to creation of unique electronic selector, storing 26 000 electronic copies of homeopathic preparations, nosodes and organopreparations of leading companies: Staufen- Pharma, Wala, Heel, Weleda , etc. Physician can test preparations from selector in any potencies and combinations and store their medicinal properties onto a different carriers of information.


Methods of electropunctural diagnostic are based on measurement of electric parameters of biologically active points (BAP) and biologically active zones (BAZ) of skin, allowing to evaluate condition of interconnected organs and systems of organism.

Usage of electropunctural methods of diagnosis allows to:

  • reveal wide range of pathologies in organs and tissue systems using syndromical , nosological and topical approaches;
  • evaluate reaction of organism at any stage of medicinal or any other therapy method;
  • select adequate dosage of any curative influence (such as dosage of allopathic and homeopathic remedies) both in quantitative and qualitative terms;
  • form individual prescriptions for reflex (electro-, laser-, color- and magnet) therapy;
  • reveal patient’s overburdenness by electromagnetic, radioactive, geopathogenic and other physical, chemical and infectional factors;
  • determine biological age of different patient’s organs and systems;
  • select and test dental materials, cosmetics, jewelry , etc.


Efficiency of energy-information therapy methods is 75-85% according to our and foreign researches in cases of :

  • diseases of bronchi-pulmonary system,
  • diseases of cardio-vascular system,
  • diseases of alimentary canal,
  • gynecological and urological disorders,
  • skin and allergic diseases,
  • chronic degenerative diseases,
  • endocrine disorders including diabetes,
  • pain syndromes of different etiology,
  • pre- and postoperation treatment,
  • disorders of immune system,
  • unbearness of dental materials, endo prosthetic devices,
  • all sorts of endogenic and exogenic intoxication.

Even outside of specialized medical clinic any physician possessing equipment of center IMEDIS can substitute small therapeutic hospital. We should outline that energy-information therapy perfectly harmonized with therapeutic methods of classical medicine, particularly methods of IMEDIS allow to control immediately during therapy various brands of physiotherapeutic and medicinal treatment, e.g. determine dosage, quantity of intake and bearness of any influence. During usual medicinal treatment essential help can be provided by methods of IMEDIS which considerably reduce side effects of remedies and optimize their selection and dosage as well. Importance of energy-information therapy is undoubted in increasing of adaptation abilities of human organism and its accommodation to unfavorable conditions of environment. In particular, bioresonance therapy allows to prepare specific preparations increasing drainage of toxic substances typical for certain area form organism.


Scientific researches of 80’s proved that living body radiates electromagnetic oscillations in wide frequency spectrum. These oscillations govern all biochemical and morphological processes taking place in organism.

During adaptive bioresonance therapy pathological oscillations are reduced and physiological electromagnetic oscillations are amplified, that allows to return patient to healthy condition using his own reserves. Process of recovery runs optimally for each certain patient as a result of closed circuit of bioresonance regulation between device and patient, e.g. device adapts itself toward abilities of patient’s organism.

Most effective in equipment of center IMEDIS is combination of bioresonance therapy with well-known method of electropunctural diagnosis and therapy and homeopathy as well. Usage of original software and devices created by center IMEDIS considerably simplifies and increase efficiency of application of lows of traditional Chinese medicine and selection of homeopathic remedies.

Our technologies are patented in Russian Federation and our equipment passed international certification.


Center "IMEDIS" in cooperation with Sechenov's Moscow Medical Academy and Scientific Practical Center for traditional methods of treatment and homeopathy conducts courses of primary specialization and advanced courses (improvement of qualification) on a R.Voll method, VRT, as well as exogenous and endogenous bioresonance therapy

The training is conducted by highly experienced lecturers, practicing the method. The training is organized in small groups or individually. Devices for electropunctural diagnosis and therapy "MINI-EXPERT-DT" and automated computer system "IMEDIS -VOLL" are used for training

Program of courses of primary specialization includes following sections:
  1. Basis of acupuncture.
  2. Introduction into homeopathy.
  3. Electropunctural diagnosis and therapy by R.Voll.
  4. Medicamental testing.
  5. Diagnostics and therapy with nosodes and organopreparations.

The course of training is designed for 12 days.

Advanced courses will allow to the doctors to expand and deepen knowledge in special questions of electropunctural diagnosis and therapy, mesenchime reactivation, practical work with nosodes and organopreparations, as well as to be acquainted with techniques of IMEDIS center in the area of color-, magnetic- and other methods of bioenergoinformative therapy.

Theoretical and practical questions of a bioresonance therapy with use of devices, developed by Center "IMEDIS" are presented in detail.

More than 7000 specialists were trained at our courses. They use IMEDIS equipment all over the former Soviet Union and abroad (in USA, UK, South Korea, Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Malaysia, Israel and in other countries).

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