The apparatus "IMEDIS-EXPERT"


This medicinal-diagnostic complex is a synthesis of latest achievements in the field of electropunctural diagnostics and therapy, biofunctional diagnostics, bioresonance therapy and other directions of medicine, making a good showing in countries of CIS and abroad.


Following linked and mutually supporting systems: diagnostic system (DS), electronic medicamental selector (EMS), bioresonance therapy (BRT) system by center "IMEDIS" technique, system of multiresonance therapy (MRT).

Technical data

dimensions (not more) 230 x 210 x 90 mm
weight (not more) 1.5 kg
measurement current 6 μA @ 100 kOhm
polarity of electrotherapy pulses positive, negative
regulation ranges:
  • pulse amplitude
  • 0.5 - 24 V
  • frequency of pulses
  • 0.1 - 1200 Hz
    frequency range processed during BRT 10 - 500 000 Hz


    1. Mode electropunctural diagnostics by R.Voll method (EAV) allows to:

    • measure electrical parameters of biologically active zones (BAZ) by R.Voll method;
    • measure electrical parameters of biologically active points (BAP) by R.Voll method (including corporal, head, chakra points);
    • automatically register measurements, performed on biologically active points;
    • perform topical, syndromical, nosological and local (determination of degree of affection of spinal column, sinuses, teeth ) diagnostics.
    • trace in form of graphs and diagrams at computer's display results of measurements and dynamics of treatment.

    Program includes reference-informative system on localization of BAP (acupuncture atlas), interconnection of BAP, organs (systems), nosologies and medicines.

    2. Electropunctural diagnostics by vegetative resonance test technique (VRT "IMEDIS-TEST")

    Application of special preparations stored in medicamental selector allows to determine biological age, reveal geopathogenic, electromagnetic and radioactive stresses, allergic stress, disturbance of acid-alkaline balance, insufficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body, etc.

    3. Segment bioelectronic functional express diagnostics

    Segment diagnostics is intended for measurement of electrical parameters of body segments (left hand - left foot, left hand - head left , head left - head right, head right - right hand, right hand - right foot, right foot - left foot, right hand - left hand), interconnected with internal organs and tissues. Integral criteria are used for analysis of results, which allows to evaluate organism's condition in general by degree of stress-reaction, type of nonspecific reactivity of the organism, general tonus of vegetative nervous system.


    Builtin medicamental selector contains 48 000 electronic copies of homeopathic preparations, nosodes, organopreparations, allergens of "HEEL", "STAUFEN-PHARMA", "WALA", "WELEDA", "OTI" and others, which can be connected to measurement circuit and used

    • during process of medicamental testing;
    • during electropunctural diagnostics by "IMEDIS-TEST" technique;
    • as initial forms in process of energy-information transfer of substances onto carriers (water, phys. solution, homeopathic grains) with possibility to change potency and inversion of properties.

    In order to facilitate selection of medicinal preparations program contains repertorium and reference system on homeopathic preparations, nosodes and organopreparations stores in selector.


    The system is nominated for bioresonance therapy according to technique of Center "IMEDIS", which is an original method having no analogs in the world. The therapy is con-ducted with electromagnetic oscillations in range from 10 to 500 000 Hz, peculiar to patient, which are taken from surface of patient's skin, specially processed and returned back to organism.

    During therapy patient and apparatus form closed circuit of adaptive regulation, allowing organism to use its own abilities in order to return to physiological homeostasis. There is possibility to store detected frequency spectrum of pathological and physiological oscillations onto different carriers (water, homeopathic grains, etc.) and use them in consequent therapy.

    Software allows great number of possibilities to vary parameters, modes and strategies of bioresonance therapy.

    You can use extensive data base on auricular, corporal and Su-Jok therapy in order to select BAP for influence.


    The system allows to:
    • carry out electrotherapy (EPT) of patient by pulses of electric current with varying frequency (from 0,01 to 100 Hz), waveform, amplitude and polarity;
    • carry out magnet-, color- and infra-red therapy (in range 900 - 1200 nm) with low frequency modulation in range 0,01 - 100 Hz. Devices for brands of therapy are purchased separately on owners demand;
    • carry out induction therapy with 87 program. During such therapy frequency spectrum of human brain waves is used: alfa-rhythms, beta-rhythms, teta-rhythms and delta-rhythms;
    • perform resonance-frequency diagnostics and therapy of viruses, bacteria, elementary and helmints;
    • carry out different types of influence on chakra with color, sounds, perform therapy with mandals.

    Program contains extensive reference data base for MRT (by nosologies, effects, organs, systems, meridians, etc.).

    Software of complex "IMEDIS-EXPERT"

    Supports operation of all systems, organizes card-index of patients, which stores data on patient, dates of visits, history, complaints and results of check-ups. There is possibility to print results of check-up and treatment in handy text and graphic form.

    The Software is intended for work in Windows environment on IBM PC compatible computer.

    The apparatus is supplied with full set of electrodes and connecting wires and packed into a compact case. The set also includes external arrow indicator for additional visual moni-toring of measurement process.

    The apparatus is fed by external power supply unit, satisfying requirements of electric safety for medical equipment.


    Please note!
    EC Medical Device Certificates are valid for EU-versions of "Imedis Expert", "MiniExpert DT", "MiniExpert T" devices only, which have registered serial numbers (please refer to type label of device). EC Medical Device Certificates are not applicable in general for other versions of IMEDIS devices!
    Cerificate EGIV-050463-055-07 issued on 2005-03-31 by The testing and Certification Institute of Medical Devices Graz, notified body no.0636, for the product "Imedis Expert".
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    Cerificate EGIV-120731-055-16 issued on 2012-01-31 by The testing and Certification Institute of Medical Devices Graz, notified body no.0636, for the product "Imedis Expert".
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